the girlfriend shirt ageless style

The Girlfriend Shirt

Ageless Style

Can clothing really affect our outlook?
We sure think so!

The name Genhappy - Generation Happy, means a lot to us. It's about multi-generational women defined by their mindset, not an age group. They’re a circle of doers, dreamers, mothers and best friends.  Genhappy is committed to bringing positive change through happy moments and gives a percentage of each sale to Girls Rising whose mission is to empower and educate girls around the world.

Genhappy Dresses

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Find Your Superpower

To help connect and empower the generation happy women, we have created a series of symbols that are based on our core values. Hidden or in plain sight they are found in our clothing as a gentle reminder got this!

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Let's Bring on the Happy!

Even when our morning can be summed up as...
"that didn't go as planned"

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