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Where Style Meets Happy

Can clothing really affect our outlook?
We sure think so!

Our beautiful, go-to pieces are designed to effortlessly fit the bodies, lifestyles and mindsets of generations of women.

Inspired by our favorite travels with thoughtful artisan details. Our Genhappy clothes are manufactured responsibly with an emphasis on sustainability and partnership.

Go with the Flow

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Find Your Superpower

To help connect and empower the generation happy women, we have created a a series of symbols that are based on our core values. Hidden or in plain sight they are found in our clothing as a gentle reminder got this!

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We're In Love With
Throw it on after a day at the beach, for a BBQ with friends or as your Netflix binge-watching loungewear.
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Genhappy Jewelry
We curated a collection of jewelry from a super talented jewelry designer to add that extra sparkle to any outfit.
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Let's Bring on the Happy!

Even when our morning can be summed up as...
"that didn't go as planned"

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